BB & MO Regional Service Manager 区域运营经理
Standard Chartered
Shanghai, China,

About Standard Chartered

We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours -

do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good. We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture -

one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base. Scope of Role :

Perform matrix line management on Business Banking Branch Service and direct line management on middle operations team for both Business Banking and Client Acquisition business upon below role and responsibility : 负责Business Banking 相关分支行运营的虚线管理 及通过对中台运营服务部的实线管理有效协助Business Banking 及 Client Acquisition业务部的发展需要 按照管理的虚实线 主要含以下职责

  • As direct LM on Middle Office Team, perform Day to Day execution, control, administration, owning final call on people agenda too (ie.
  • hiring decision, performance management, talent development & career planning) with HR system approving authority.

    实线管理职责 负责监督管理日常业务执行质量 风险控制 团队各项行政事务 人事事宜 包括招聘 绩效考核及管理 人才培养及员工职业发展

  • As Matrix LM on Business Banking branch operations, perform feedback & suggestion to branch management including people agenda from operation SME (Subject Expert Matter) role.
  • Deliver standard mechanism / procedure / training to branch ops to ensure consistent branch service and control foundation across China

    虚线管理职责 向业务部门的管理层对于有关人事各项安排提供反馈及建议 负责建立标准化作业标准 操作规范 业务培训 以确保全国一致性的运营标准

    Key Responsibilities / Challenges : Perform matrix line management on BB Branch Operations 负责Business Banking 分支行运营的虚线管理

  • Provide professional guidance or opinion for Business Banking Business Head / Unit Head to drive good service performance result in term of best in class services, risk control, process efficiency and effective operating.
  • 在Business Banking分支行运营管理中 与Business Banking的业务管理团队紧密合作 提供运营相关的各项专业建议及意见 协助业务部门提升服务水准 风险管理能力及操作效率

  • Provide feedback and suggestion for business management team to make decision on staff hiring, staff performance evaluation, staff development / training and probation management
  • 在Business Banking分支行运营团队人员的招聘 绩效管理及考核 员工发展及培训 试用期管理 向业务部门主管提供反馈及意见 以便业务部门主管进行综合评估做出决定

  • Work with business management team to establish a strong compliance culture and to promote the adoption of appropriate ethical and compliance standards in the conduct of business ensure proper checks and control in place at branches to avoid potential losses and risks and also build up good cross team collaboration
  • 与业务部门合作 建立合规合法运营的团队文化 遵守职业操守及合规标准 始终确保有效的管控机制避免风险及运营损失的发生 同时提倡良好的部门合作精神

    Perform direct line management on Middle Office Operations 实线管理中后台服务团队

  • Lead middle office operations team in the region to support both Business Banking and Client Acquisition under Retail Banking to ensure good service performance result in term of best in class services, risk control in line with internal / external rules, process efficiency and effective operating.
  • 领导中后台服务团队积极支持本区域Business Banking 和 Client Acquisition的业务发展需要 在遵守法规法律及内部各项要求的基础上 确保团队工作良好的服务质量 有效的风险管理 高效的工作效率

  • Lead and manage the good result in staff attrition, staff hiring, staff performance evaluation, staff development / training and probation management by closely working with local business heads
  • 与业务部门紧密合作 负责有效的管理本区域团队员工的流失率 员工招聘 业绩考评 员工发展及培训 试用期等与员工相关的管理工作

  • Formulate training plans for staffs to ensure they have appropriate skills and knowledge, steer career progression and advise upon / manage succession plans for the longer term.
  • 制定有效的培训计划 不断提升员工的工作技能 业务知识 推动员工职业发展

  • Establish cross team collaboration and leadership skills by proactively engagement with key business stakeholders to be responsible for effectiveness of daily operations.
  • 培养本区域团队良好的跨部门合作精神及技能 积极配合业务合作伙伴 不断提升运营的高效高能

    Self Development 自我发展及提升

  • 积极参与完成银行安排的各项培训项目 主动学习银行内部流程 / 操作手册以及当地法规
  • Actively participate in various campaigns related to service team and achieve the target
  • 积极参与与服务团队相关的各项竞赛活动并达到预期目标

  • Develop multi-product knowledge and job skills to support different segments and sales channels
  • 不断提升产品知识 工作技能 以便更好的支持各业务部门发展的需要

    Customer Right Protection 消费者权益保护

  • Fully understand the importance of Consumer Rights Protection, prevent damage to consumers’ best interest
  • 在日常营运工作中 带领所在分支行员工充分理解保护消费者权益的重要性 防止损害消费者的利益

  • Implement regulatory requirements related to Consumer Rights Protection, ensure to complete relevant trainings
  • 在日常营运工作中 带领所在分支行员工始终遵守与消费者权益保护相关的法规要求 且确保完成相关培训

  • Always embed Consumer Rights Protection mindset when performing daily work
  • 在日常营运工作中 带领所在分支行员工始终谨记以保护消费者权益为基础执行工作

  • Implement regulatory requirements related to Consumer Rights Protection, ensure to complete relevant trainings
  • 深入学习银行各产品知识及职业技能 确保业务及产品知识可以支持不同业务线发展需要


  • Mobility work to different cities for on-site supervision where necessary
  • 可以在不同城市工作以便有效的进行现场团队管理及监督

  • A university degree with 10 years of banking operations experience and 5 years in management role in both retail product including lending / credit card / mortgage loan and small business products;
  • 本科学历 10年银行运营工作经验 其中5年在管理岗位 熟悉个人及企业的相关产品及业务 含贷款类 信用卡 房贷等

  • Sound knowledge of bank products, services, procedures and regulations, equities markets, unit trusts and other personal investment services;
  • 丰富的银行产品 运营及服务 监管规定 理财投资市场产品及服务的知识

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to deal with all levels of people, often in complex and difficult situations
  • 善于沟通 具备与不同背景及职务的员工合作的能力 遇到复杂及困难能够有效处理并解决

  • Team player who shows initiative and assertiveness and good leadership qualities to motivate the team;
  • 良好的团队合作精神 有创新精神 自信 具备良好的团队管理能力推动团队的发展

  • Self-motivator who is keen to upgrade, improve personal knowledge and skills to meet job requirements;
  • 能自我激励 不断在工作中可以自我挑战提升业务知识及技能 以满足工作的需求

  • Good command of both spoken and written English and Mandarin.
  • 良好的中英文说 写能力

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