Multimedia Diagnostics Engineer
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
Shanghai, Shanghai, CN

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Multimedia Diagnostics Software Engineer


Key Responsibilities : 主要工作内容


  • Be part of the world's most leading graphics accelerator team developing diagnostics software for the functional and behavior verification of state-
  • of-the-art graphics accelerators on both pre-silicon environment (FPGA, C-Model, Palladium) and post-silicon system (real SoC and platform).

    作为世界上最领先的图形加速器团队的一员 开发用于在流片前和流片后功能 / 性能验证的诊断软件

  • This candidate would be responsible for planning, designing, developing, debugging and optimizing functional and stress verification for video encode and decode hardware IP.
  • 负责规划 设计 开发 调试和优化视频编码和解码硬件IP的功能和压力验证

  • Must be able to work with hardware architects and logic designers to solve functional / performance issues, and customer support engineers to help resolve their testing deficiencies.
  • 能够与硬件架构师和逻辑设计师合作解决功能 / 性能问题 并与客户支持工程师合作帮助解决其测试缺陷

    Preferred skill and experience :


  • Bachelor or Master degree in Electrical / Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • 电气 / 计算机工程学士或硕士学位或相关专业

  • Strong mix of large-scale software development ability and hardware understanding
  • 较强的大规模软件开发能力和硬件理解能力

  • Proficient in C / C++ programming
  • 精通C++编程

  • Familiar with source controls systems like Git, Perforce, and SVN
  • 熟悉源代码控制系统 如git Perforce和SVN

  • Familiar with Linux, knowledge and experience of device driver or firmware development is required
  • 熟悉Linux 具备设备驱动程序或固件开发的知识和经验

  • Familiar with video processing and enhancement algorithms
  • 熟悉视频处理和增强算法

  • Familiar with video CODEC decode / encode, AV1, HEVC, H.264, VP8 / VP9, VC-1, MPEG4, SVC etc.
  • 熟悉视频编解码器解码 / 编码 AV1 HEVC H.264 VP8 / VP9 VC-1 MPEG4 SVC等

  • Hands-on experience with any of SoC / platform bring up, video encoding / decoding is preferred.
  • 具有任何SoC / 平台的实践经验 会视频编码 / 解码者优先

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