BIO Process Development Downstream Assistant Engineer
Suzhou Manufacturing, China

BeiGene continues to grow at a rapid pace with challenging and exciting opportunities for experienced professionals. When considering candidates, we look for scientific and business professionals who are highly motivated, collaborative, and most importantly, share our passionate interest in fighting cancer.

Job Description : 负责下游工艺开发 并转移给生产部门进行放大生产 Responsible for downstream Bioprocess Development, transfer to Biological Manufacturing, scale-up production 负责新项目下游生物制药的工艺开发 能够按时间表按时完成填料筛选 缓冲液选择 工艺流程优化 和撰写报告等工作 保证生产按计划进行 Responsible for new project downstream bio-pharmaceutical process development, can finish the resins on screening, Buffer selection, process optimization, and writing reports, etc.

according to schedule, ensure the production on schedule 参与支持项目从CMO或新药开发部门的技术转移 与技术转移同事密切配合 审阅相关文件 设计补充实验 并全方面顺利与生产对接 Participate in the support of projects from the CMO or the new drug development department of technology transfer, in close coordination with the colleague of technology transfer, review documents and design experiment, and all aspects of the smooth docking with the production.

负责下游实验室管理 设备仪器清洁维护 文件分发回收 耗材原材料购买 和实验室内相关区域的清洁 Responsible for laboratory management, downstream equipment instrument cleaning maintenance, file distribution recycling, supplies of raw materials purchase, and the laboratory related area clean.

支持生产执行 蛋白亲和层析 蛋白离子交换层析 除病毒过滤 超滤等 和生产过程中出现的任何异常 差错及验证等相关活动 Support production execution (protein affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, in addition to the virus filtration, ultrafiltration, etc.

and any exceptions and errors appeared in the process of production and authentication and other related activities. 与上游 分析制剂实验室良好沟通紧密配合 保证工艺开发的完整性 With upstream, analysis formulation laboratory have good communication and close coordination, guarantee the integrity of the process development 完成其他领导安排的任务 Complete tasks arranged by other leadership Qualification Required : 学士或以上学历 药学 生物学化学 生物工程等生命科学相关专业 Bachelor or above degree in Pharmacy, Biochemistry, biological engineering and other life science related 熟悉抗体纯化原理 介质填料的性质以及AKTA纯化设备的具体操作 Familiar with antibody purification principle, the nature of the medium, and the specific operation of AKTA purification equipment.

能独立完成抗体纯化工艺优化 工艺放大和验证的方案设计和操作 制定流程方法 Can independently complete antibody purification process optimization, the amplification and validation method for design and operation, develop process 持续的学习能力获得新的知识或技巧以胜任工作的要求 Continuously invest time and effort to gain new skills and knowledge required to succeed in the work.

团队内部和外部的人员进行积极有效的沟通 Show strong willingness to work closely with peers within and outside the team toward a common goal.

3年以上蛋白纯化相关工作经验 Have more than 3 years related experience in research and development of protein purification 英语水平良好 会熟练使用电脑 Good English and good computer skill Follow Us on MoSeeker!


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