Research developer in video coding 视频编码算法工程师
Disney+ Hotstar

We're looking for a research developer in video encoding who is comfortable working with multiple languages, frameworks, platforms and excited to participate in cutting-edge applied research in video transcoding and streaming.

As an experienced researcher and developer, you’ll be responsible for research and develop various solutions for video encoding and video preprocessing.

If you love crafting elegant solutions to highly complex challenges, this is likely the team for you. Here are a few of the things that you’ll do : Design and develop prototype, proof of concept, and demo systems to improve video encoding efficiency and enhance video quality.

Architecture design and develop large scale transcoding platform, especially in parallel video transcoding and processing.

Participate in video coding project planning activities with thorough investigation on the state-of-the-art and the technology trends in video coding and processing field.

Build related patent portfolio to support our research and development on products. Advocate the technologies within and outside the team and company.


  • 1-2 years demonstrated coding skills and experiences in C / C++ and Linux.
  • Passion for applied research, open to interdisciplinary work.
  • Extensive knowledge and hands on experience in Video compression / coding, including video perceptual quality enhancement, video rate control.
  • Familiar with H.264 / 265, especially for x264, x265 or libvpx is a plus
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Logical thinker and quick learner with strong problem solving and analytical ability to apply your mathematical, algorithmic and other expertise to solve real problems.
  • Independent, energetic, highly technical, and capable of driving for results under pressure and ambiguity.
  • Reasons to be Excited

  • We're a small unique team that has strong experience building and innovating in video at places like Hotstar, Hulu, Google, Amazon and Facebook.
  • We have an unusually dedicated team whose passion and focus is in media and technology.
  • The team works on a variety of platforms, services and devices tackling interesting engineering, product and design challenges.
  • We're located nearby Tsinghua Science Park, the heart of China’s Silicon Valley with all of its great food, just a few minutes walk to Wudaokou or Zhongguancun Subway Station and easy access to the North 4th Ring Road, G6 and G7.
  • 职责

  • 设计开发产品原型 概念验证 演示系统 提高视频编码效率 提高视频质量
  • 架构并开发大规模转码平台 实现高效并行处理与转码
  • 参与视频编码项目策划 深入调研视频编码和处理领域的最新技术和技术趋势
  • 建立相关专利组合 支持我们的产品研发
  • 在团队和公司内外推广技术
  • 要求

  • 热爱应用研究 接受跨学科工作
  • 具有丰富的视频压缩 / 编码知识和动手经验 包括视频主观质量增强 视频码率控制
  • 熟悉H.264 / 265 熟悉x264 libvpx x265尤佳
  • 较强的口头和书面沟通能力
  • 逻辑思维能力强 学习能力强 具有较强的问题解决能力和分析能力 能够运用数学 算法等专业知识解决实际问题
  • 善于独立解决问题 精力充沛 面对压力及复杂任务能够有效自我驱动
  • We're big believers in trusting the team to debate and select the right tools for the job. This belief leads to a development team that is excited by and comfortable with building in a variety of languages, frameworks and platforms.

    Here's a short list of some of the current technology and tools we use to fuel the team. Platforms : AWS, Docker, Kubernetes Clients : iOS, Android, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast Languages : ES6, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Go, Erlang Frameworks : Node.

    js, Angular, React, React Native, gRPC, Spring, Spark, Tensorflow, Hystrix, Consul, Flink, Kafka, ElasticSearch Databases : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, HBase, influxdb, Prometheus, Aerospike Tools : GitLab, GoCD, Airflow, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Slack, Google Apps We believe in owning and building our core services and technologies.

    With that, we recognize that we must be armed with a team that includes both full stack and specialized developers. Here’s a few of the experiences we’re looking for on our dev team : Full stack responsive web development.

    Device platforms and hybrid applications development. Architect and implement services handling thousands of requests per second.

    Design and implement software to automate, scale and streamline dev operations. Contribute back to the open source community in meaningful ways.


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