R&D Scientist
Chuzhou Anhui China

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and over 150 years of experience.

We have 160,000 employees in 70 countries who are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work.


Position Purpose & Summary职位设置目的&概要

能根据客户需求 为其提供相应的产品及生产工艺

According to clients’ requests, develop products and the relevant process.

在实际过程中为客户提供解决方案 确保产品可以顺利上市

Provide food solution to clients in the actual process and make sure new product launch.

Principal Accountabilities主要职责

1.60% Support New product development in lab both chuzhou and shanghai

  • 负责根据研发部门年度目标 落实新产品开发及配方调整
  • Consolidate new product development to achieve annual RD business objective

  • 负责根据新产品立项方案 包括新原料 新技术 新工艺的开发
  • Responsible for developing new material, new technology and new process based on project schemes

  • 负责跟踪国内外相关领域的科技发展动态 搜集和调研国内外产品技术信息 实施技术引进和技术创新
  • Responsible for tracking the development of science and technology in related fields, collecting and researching domestic and foreign product technical information, implementing technology introduction and technological innovation

    2.40% Analysis and Reporting

  • 负责与客户沟通 了解其需求 并有针对性的提出解决方案
  • Responsible for communicating with customers, understanding their needs, and presenting solutions in a targeted manner

  • 支持工艺部门 完成新产品的上线测试及中试
  • Support the process team to complete the on-line test and pilot test of new products.


    Education, Experience, Skills教育背景 工作经验 专业技能

    Minimum Required Qualifications最低要求

  • 本科以上学历
  • 3-5年肉类行业或食品配料领域的研发
  • 具备较强的产品知识 原辅料知识 熟悉肉制品产品研发流程及生产工艺流程
  • 较强的计算机技能 : Microsoft Office软件(MS Word Access PowerPoint Excel)
  • 具有良好的沟通 协调组织 项目管理能力
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher

    3-5 years of research and development experience in the meat industry or relevant food ingredients sector

    Have strong product knowledge, raw materials knowledge, familiar with meat product development process and production process.

    Strong computer skills : Microsoft Office software (MS Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel)

    Have good communication, coordination organization, project management ability

    Preferred Qualifications更合适的要求

  • 硕士学历
  • 5-8年工作经验对市场有一定的了解和认知 具备一定的国家技术标准管理知识 科研知识 肉制品理论知识
  • 良好的设备操作能力
  • 具备熟练和独立的研发新产品能力 且了解产品的生产工艺和评价测试方法
  • 熟悉肉制品行业市场动态和流行趋势 有敏锐的洞察力 对新产品开发有独特的理解
  • 具有良好的英文书写能力
  • Master's degree or higher

    5-8 years of working experience with a good understanding of the market, national technical standards management knowledge, scientific research knowledge, and meat product theory knowledge.

    Good equipment handling

    Proficiency and independent ability to develop new products, and understand the production process and evaluation test methods.

    Familiar with the market trends of the meat industry and a unique understanding of new product development.

    Good English writing ability


    Research and Development

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