(高级)地区经理 - 疫苗带状疱疹产品组 - 武汉
Wuhan, Hubei China

Role Title 职位名称 : District Manager / Senior District Manager

地区经理 / 高级地区经理

Report to 上司职位 Regional Manager 区域经理

Location 驻地 Locally Based 由业务需要决定

Role Purpose 职位目标

To coach, motivate, manage and develop the team of representatives to ensure district business goals and company overall objectives are achieved through professional call, academic communication activities, patient focus.

So that GSK brands are protected and developed.

通过辅导 领导 激励 管理和发展团队 确保自身和团队通过学术拜访 学术研讨活动 以患者为中心 维护GSK的品牌信誉 以完成公司整体业务目标

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities 主要工作职责

1. Achieve / Exceed business objectives 达成 / 超越业务目标

1.1 Develop and implement district business plan, incl. target customer list, professional communication activities, people coaching plans etc.

  • Ensure brand marketing development strategies are linked with professional academic communication activities;
  • 在给定的资源下制定和实施地区业务计划 包括目标客户列表 专业推广活动 人员辅导计划等 确保品牌的学术研讨活动与市场发展策略紧密相连;
  • 1.2 Ensure professional call and academic communication activities are fully

  • implemented with timely feedbacks;
  • 确保专业拜访和学术研讨活动的全面实施和及时反馈;
  • 1.3 Maintain good communication with key opinion leaders and experts to ensure

  • support to the professionalism of marketing activities;
  • 与重点学术带头人和专家保持良好沟通 以确保和支持市场活动的学术专业性;
  • 1.4 Understand district and market environment, identify opportunities and make

    effective suggestions.


    2. People / team management 人员 / 团队管理

  • 2.1 Provide coaching to MRs on professional knowledge and skills (DPK, territory management, key professional competencies) and motivate team to continuously develop professional skills., etc.;
  • 辅导下属提高专业知识技能 激励团队的专业能力发展, 提供DPK 专业拜访技能 区域管理 关键专业胜任力等指导;
  • 2.2 Manage teams to timely and correctly use Veeva system record required information, including call frequency and coverage, meetings, customer visits and qualified medical information provision etc.

  • to ensure the effective operation of the system;
  • 管理团队 确保团队成员按要求及时准确录入Veeva相关信息 拜访频率 覆盖率 会议 客户拜访及医学信息提供的质量等 以确保系统的有效运作;
  • 2.3 Share professional promotion experiences, market intelligence with the team and support manager to achieve overall team objectives;
  • 与团队共享专业推广经验 心得及市场信息 支持直线经理实现组织目标;
  • 2.4 Performance management and appraisals for MRs; Ensure people development plans

  • are in place and in use;
  • 医药代表绩效管理和考核; 确保人员发展计划的制定和实施;
  • 2.5 Recruit and develop MR living GSK values


    3. Others 其他

    3.1 Provide professional support in CDC and / or POV listing

    提供专业的疾控和 / 或POV准入支持

    3.2 Timely feedback on customer disease diagnosis and treatment information, brand

    strategies implementation and market intelligence.

    及时反馈客户疾病诊疗信息 品牌策略实施信息及市场信息

    3.3 Ensure on-time delivery of company required reports


    3.4 To ensure that all activities undertaken fully comply with the Company’s

    policies and quality standard, the laws and regulations of the Peoples

    Republic of China and all the relevant Codes of Conduct.

    确保所有承担的活动完全符合公司的政策及质量标准 符合中华人民共和国的法律法规及其他相关的行为准则

    Qualifications / Requirements : 申请资格 / 职位要求

  • University degree, preferable major in medical area;
  • 本科以上学历 相关医药药学专业优先

    Analytical thinking; Proven influencing skill; Proactive, resilience, innovative

    分析思维;影响力 积极主动 应变能力 创新

  • Successful professional academic communication track record, min. 2 yrs;
  • 专业学术的成功推广经验至少2年;
  • Successful coaching and people development experiences preferred;
  • 有人员管理发展经验优先

    High level of integrity, Patient focused

    正派诚实 以患者为中心

    Willing to travel upon business needs


    Our goal is to be one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies. We believe that we all bring something unique to GSK and when we combine our knowledge, experiences and styles together, the impact is incredible.

    Come join our adventure at GSK where you will be inspired to do your best work for our patients and consumers. A place where you can be you, feel good and keep growing.

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