Listed key responsibilities, with clear action needed, achievement & delivery and how to meet the requirement. Each responsibility needs to include time allocation(%), and total percentage should be 100%.)

列举本工作的关键职责 对于每个关键职责 指出应采取的措施 将要达到的最终结果 以及如何完成该职责 需包括花在每种职责上的时间百分率 总百分率应为100 %

Lead the team to initiate the marketing activities and achieve the team’s goals of sales target, product promotion and market access.

管理团队执行产品推广工作 达成产品推广目标和产品准入目标

  • Manage and guide the team members to visit local POV, CDC, and other medical care institution, deliver product information and promote products effectively, ensure the whole team to achieve the KPI of visiting target on the basis of the company’ s policies and market strategies.
  • 按照公司政策及产品推广策略 管理和指导团队成员拜访所在地区疫苗接种点 疾病控制中心和其他医疗保健机构 传递正确有效的产品信息 推广公司疫苗产品 并且管理团队一致达到公司规定的日常拜访的KPI要求

  • Manage and coach team members by co-visit, set job objectives for team members, and motivate them to fulfill their key accountabilities.
  • 针对重要业务和需要指导代表 进行协访并给予具体的指导 制定团队成员的具体工作目标并管理团队的执行工作

  • Lead the team to organize academic activities in accordance with the company’s policies and marketing strategies, expand and penetrate the market with both new and existing products, achieve goals of market access.
  • 按照公司政策及产品推广策略 管理团队执行产品的学术推广活动 达成团队年度设定的工作目标 包括重点产品推广目标 新市场的产品准入等主要工作

  • Complete team’s business planning and territory management on the basis of the company’s policies and market strategies, select target customer accurately, set territories reasonably, ensure team members to maintain customer information regularly;
  • gathering market information, support related departments in the tendering and bidding activities.

    按照公司推广政策的规定 做好团队整体的业务规划和辖区管理工作 准确的选择目标客户 合理地设定辖区 确保团队准确维护目标客户的信息 收集市场信息 支持相关部门完成招投标工作

    Lead the team to initiate the promotion activity in professional way and comply with the proper codes of conduct.

    管理团队执行专业推广 遵守正确的行为规范

  • Guide the team to possess the product characteristics and key information about the market promotion, pass the product knowledge test in order to promote products effectively and efficiently;
  • perform professional and proficiently using the product knowledge in promotional activities, express products competitive advantage.

    Ability to apply business operation knowledge and management concepts to promotion activities and daily team management.

    指导团队学习和掌握产品特性及推广的关键信息 通过相关产品知识考试 并且在推广活动中能够熟练运用产品知识进行产品宣讲 发挥我们的产品竞争优势 并且能学习医药行业的商业运营知识和管理学理念用于实际产品推广和团队管理工作

  • Ensure team members to comply with the codes of conduct specified in Employee Handbook, meet the requirement of SOP, ensure no violations while perform promotion activities;
  • use all promotional materials and deliver product information in an appropriate and honest way according to the marketing strategies;
  • circulate company’s policies effectively.

    在执行日常推广工作中 管理团队遵守公司员工手册规定的行为规范 符合公司SOP要求 无违规违纪行为 并且在执行推广活动时 按照市场营销策略正确使用产品推广材料 正确有效传达产品信息 并且正确传达公司的各项政策

  • Monitor team promotional activities and expense reports to ensure the validity and existence of promotional activities
  • 监督团队的推广活动与账单 以确保推广活动的真实发生

  • Report adverse reaction events promptly in accordance with the company’s policies and assist relevant departments to dealing with it.
  • 按照公司流程及时上报不良反应事件并协助公司相关部门处理

    Develop staff positively and keep team stable.


  • Clearly understand the company's recruitment process, selection criteria and job qualifications of sales representatives, in order to keep the team stable in long term.
  • 清楚了解公司的招聘流程 了解代表的任职要求和选拔标准 进行稳定有序的团队管理工作

  • Ensure team’s daily work in an orderly manner, actively provide education or training for reserve talent, provide guidance on career development to talents;
  • create a positive team culture and build the team’s core competitiveness.

    保持团队日常工作有序进行 积极培养后备人才 为优秀人才指导职业发展目标 创造有利于发展的工作条件 并且创造积极向上的团队文化 打造团队的核心竞争力

    Education :

  • 本科或以上学历 医学 药学 公共卫生等相关专业优先考虑
  • Experience :

  • 至少3年以上制药相关行业工作经验 具有团队和区域管理经验的优先考虑
  • Competencies and traits :

  • 良好的职业道德 具备高度的责任感 追求业绩 交付结果
  • 良好的业务管理及计划能力
  • 良好的人员辅导 激励 发展技能
  • 良好的决策技能 勇于担当
  • 良好的跨部门协作能力
  • At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers.

    We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

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