Equipment Engineer-杭州


  • 负责设备 设施及公用设备的维修工作
  • Responsible for the maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

  • 负责设备 设施及公用设备的预防维修工作
  • Responsible for the preventive maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

  • 负责设备 设施及公用设备的预防维修计划及内容的编写
  • Responsible for the preventive maintenance of equipment, facilities and public facilities.

  • 负责公司机器 工具和设备的自动控制系统及机械系统的维护保养和检修工作 保障设备和设施处于正常运行状态 参与设备的大修和技改工作 对需整改项目进行评估 包括公司评估和质量变更评估
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the automatic control system and mechanical system of the company's machines, tools and equipment to ensure that the equipment and facilities are in normal operation.

    Participate in equipment overhaul and technical transformation work, and evaluate the need for rectification projects, including company evaluation and quality change assessment.

  • 检查并掌握工厂各自控系统的运行状况及各设备的运行是否处于正常状态 发现异常或故障 立即采取有效措施及时解决
  • Check and master the operation status of each control system of the factory and whether the operation of each equipment is in a normal state.

    If abnormalities or failures are found, take effective measures to solve them in time.

  • 对工厂自控系统和机械故障的原因进行分析 并制定有效的解决方案 确保生产设备高效 正常运行
  • Analyze the causes of factory automation systems and mechanical failures, and develop effective solutions to ensure efficient and normal operation of production equipment.

  • 参与设备大修和技术改造项目 参与设备的选型 安装 验收等
  • Participate in equipment overhaul and technical transformation projects, participate in equipment selection, installation, acceptance, etc.

  • 对预防维修的执行情况进行监督
  • Supervise the implementation of preventive maintenance.

  • 对设备的DQ / IQ / OQ进行验证
  • Verification the equipment's DQ / IQ / OQ.

  • 对设备备件的关键性评估和申购
  • Critical assessment and purchase of equipment spare parts.

  • 参与偏差和投诉的调查 完成调查整改
  • Participate in the investigation of deviations and complaints, complete the investigation and rectification.

  • 编写 / 升级相关SOP 确保符合GMP及HSE要求
  • Write / upgrade related SOPs to ensure compliance with GMP and HSE requirements.

  • 风险分析及安全评估
  • Risk analysis and safety assessment.

  • 配合仓库做好备件的申报工作 对缺少的配件及时申报
  • Support warehouse stockman to manage the spare parts, provides report the lack spare parts timely.

  • 负责正在生产的设备的正常运行
  • Responsible for the normal operation of the equipment being produced.

  • 对维修区域按照5S进行管理
  • The maintenance area is managed according to 5S.

  • 对高故障的设备提出改造建议 并经许可后实施
  • Put forward the reform proposal on l high fault of equipment, and implementation after approval.

  • 对职责范围 岗位 内的质量和职业健康安全环境工作负责
  • Be responsible for Quality and Health-Safety-Environment in my position / workstation.

  • 积极完成上级 部门和公司布置的其它工作任务
  • Complete other responsibilities from direct manager, department and the company.


    Must to have : 最低要求

  • Education教育 :
  • College or University (大专或本科)

  • Professional / Major专业
  • Mechanical electrical or related majors机械 电气或相关专业

  • Experience 经验 :
  • Min.5 years working experience 5年以上工作经验
  • Experience in maintenance process, problem diagnosis and maintenance of common problems.
  • 维修流程的工作经验 能进行问题诊断 常见问题的维修的相关经验

    Better to have : 优先考虑项

  • Education教育 :
  • College or above本科或以上

  • Professional / Major专业
  • Mechanical electrical or related area机械 电气或相关专业

  • Experience 经验 :
  • Relevant Experience in Pharmaceutical and Fast Consumer Products Industry制药 快消品行业相关工作经验

    Must to have : 最低要求

    Technical 技能 :

  • 熟练应用AutoCAD , Skilled in AutoCAD
  • Language语言 : 良好的英语听 说 读 写能力Good at English reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • IT Skill电脑技能 : 熟练掌握office办公软件Skilled in office software
  • Other Ability其他能力

  • 具备学习能力 Be capable of learning
  • 客户服务技巧 With customer service skill
  • 工作准确性 / 准时性 Work accuracy and punctuality
  • 团队精神Teamwork
  • Better to have : 优先考虑项

  • 具有GMP知识 Familiar with GMP knowledge
  • 电工操作证Electrician operation certificate
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