Launched in 2012, Lazada Group has grown rapidly to include over 4.900 full-time employees in the region, with eCommerce operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and a sourcing center in China that drives cross-border marketplace activities, Lazada helps more than 80,000 local and international sellers as well as 2,500 brands serve the 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions.

Lazada offers an excellent customer experience through a wide network of logistics partners and its own first- and last-mile delivery arm.

Revolutionizing the way customers shop in Southeast Asia and perform online transactions across the region, Lazada has reached an online footprint of approximately 6 million unique daily visits to its websites, and the largest Facebook community in Southeast Asia with over 16.5 million fans.

Lazada Group owns the biggest and the most efficient technology driven logistics and fulfilment ecosystem in the region Lazada eLogistics.

With 11 own warehouses, 5 sorting centers, 78 last-mile hubs we are ensuring 48 hours delivery of more than 6 million orders every month.

Our warehouses cover more than 115 thousands of square miles and it takes less than 2 hours to process every order even during massive sales campaigns.

Having our own cross-border operator helps us connect more than 100 million of customers and businesses from all over Asia.

Our transportation is driven by our own Lazada Express delivery fleet which, together with more than 80 third-party logistics, guarantees high quality 48 hours delivery.

All of that would be impossible without sophisticated IT systems, which are being developed and expanded in-house by one of the most experienced and agile tech teams in Southeast Asia!

1. 业务工作上

消费者端业务 支撑Lazada消费者端整体前端业务 负责PC / Mobile相关频道产品和导购营销工具的开发 不断提高消费者购物体验 提升大促活动等页面的开发效率和前端性能

用户增长业务 支撑用户增长团队实现更高的用户增长目标 负责用户引流与新用户落地全链路开发 配合Marketing和数据团队 实现更高效的用户分析和定位工具

2. 技术工作上

效率提升 在理解前端开发流程的基础上 结合前端实际建立或优化提升工作效率的工具

方案定制 在理解产品业务的基础上 提升产品的用户体验和业务价值 技术驱动业务的发展

体验优化 对具体的产品进行性能优化 实现极致的页面加载 执行和渲染时间

团队协作 关注前端前沿技术研究 通过新技术服务团队和业务

3. 技术细节上

团队目前前端框架使用 React Weex 使用ES6 7进行具体开发工作

面向对首屏和SEO注重的场景 与阿里团队共同研发NodeJS同构方案 将页面首屏渲染性能做到极致

在Web和Native融合 Web To Native方面 参与Weex的建设 并使用Weex进行消费者端业务开发

NodeJS方面 自主研发前端工程体系相关工具 需要大量使用NodeJS来更高效率的实现Web层研发 并有高并发业务场景使用NodeJS做服务端开发


1. 熟练使用各种前端技术 包括HTML / CSS / JavaScript / 等

2. 具备跨终端的前端开发能力 在Web PC+Mobile / NodeJS / Native App三个方向上至少精通一个方向 具备多个的更佳 鼓励在Native和Web技术融合上的探索

3. 对前端工程化与模块化开发有一定了解 并有实践经验 如Webpack / Babel / AMD / CMD等

4. 至少熟悉一门非前端的语言 如Java / PHP / C / C++ / Python / Ruby 并有实践经验

5. 具备优秀的团队协作精神 能利用自身技术能力提升团队整体研发效率 提高团队影响力

6. 对前端技术有持续的热情 个性乐观开朗 逻辑性强 善于和各种背景的人合作

7. 乐于分享 善于总结归纳沉淀 并能将好的经验在团队内进行分享

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