BUYER II ,Korean
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China


  • Lead the competitive exercise in compliance with 3rd party goods and services standards
  • 根据第三方商品和服务标准领导竞争活动
  • Quality control requisitions
  • 质量控制申请
  • Ascertains if complete requisitions have been provided
  • 确定是否提供了完整的申请
  • Responsible for short form request for quotation (RFQ) process
  • 负责简式报价申请(RFQ)流程
  • Bid comparison, rationalization and analysis
  • 投标比较 合理化和分析
  • Negotiate price, payment terms and other T&C’s
  • 谈判价格 付款条款和其他目标&控制
  • Supplier recommendation to management
  • 向管理层推荐供应商
  • Manage and expedite internal Purchase Order approval
  • 管理并加快内部采购订单的批准
  • Maintain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system data to ensure accuracy during the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle
  • 维护企业资源计划(ERP)系统数据 确保整个采购到付款周期的准确性
  • Works within the global DOA approval authorities and escalates as required
  • 根据要求 在全球DOA批准权限和升级范围内工作
  • Identify appropriate commercial obligations, contract templates and all requirements and technical specifications for delivery
  • 确定适当的商业义务 合同模板以及所有交付要求和技术规范
  • Identification of execution risks for escalation when needed
  • 识别执行风险 以便在需要时进行升级
  • Issue and expedite supplier acknowledgement in conformance to agreed final Purchase Order
  • 根据约定的最终采购订单 发出并加速供应商确认
  • Receive acknowledgement and update ERP system
  • 接收确认并更新ERP系统
  • Negotiate and record all cost savings
  • 协商并记录所有的节约成本
  • Creation of Change Orders and its following change in the suppliers contract
  • 在供应商合同中创建 变更订单 及其后续变更
  • Expedite shipment and materials per project procedures
  • 按照项目流程加快出货和材料的准备
  • Inform projects of shipment status and proactively manage schedules in accordance with project requirements
  • 根据项目要求通知项目发货情况并积极管理发货进度
  • Arrange receiving and inspection of goods whenever it is required
  • 如有需要 安排收货和验货
  • Coordinate with logistics on shipping and custom clearance
  • 与物流部门协调运输和清关事宜
  • Shipment receipt acknowledgement into ERP system
  • 将收货确认输入ERP系统
  • Administer Purchase Order reconciliation
  • 管理采购订单对账
  • Closure of Purchase Order as per standard policy
  • 按照标准政策关闭采购订单
  • Support overall suppliers evaluation in terms of overall procurement performance
  • 支持供应商的整体采购绩效评估
  • Support by backfilling on roles as required based on workload / resource capacity limitations demand
  • 根据工作负载 / 资源容量限制需求 根据需要支持其他供应链工作
  • Perform regulations and compliance analysis
  • 进行法规和合规分析
  • Ensure compliance to Emerson Record Retention Policy at all times
  • 确保始终遵守艾默生记录保留政策
  • Ensure compliance to Emerson’s Ethics Policy at all times
  • 确保始终遵守艾默生的道德政策
  • 基本任职资格

  • Must be a Bachelor degree graduate in Procurement or Commerce, Masters in Management, Materials Management or Supply Chain Management or similar field is preferred
  • 必须拥有采购或商务学士学位 管理 材料管理 供应链管理或类似领域的硕士生优先考虑
  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience
  • 3-5年相关工作经验
  • Fluent in Korean (Listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • 韩语流利(听说读写)
  • Certification and active participation in various Supply Chain Management Professional Organization (Institute for Supply Management or its equivalent) highly desired
  • 对于拥有各类供应链管理专业机构 供应管理机构或其同等机构 的认证并积极参与过该机构的工作者优先
  • In-depth knowledge in various Supply Chain methodologies and best practices
  • 对各种供应链方法和最佳实践有深入的了解
  • Demonstrated the ability to perform competitive exercises
  • 具有执行竞争性操作的能力
  • Demonstrated abilities in ERP based systems such as JDE, Oracle, SAP etc. (Oracle preferred)
  • 在基于ERP的系统如JDE, Oracle, SAP等方面具有一定的能力(Oracle系统优先)
  • Show leadership potential
  • 具有领导潜力
  • Ability to influence various members of the organization
  • 具有影响组织中各种成员的能力
  • Computer literate
  • 熟练电脑操作
  • Conversant in Microsoft Office applications
  • 熟悉微软办公软件
  • Excellent professional written English skills required, special language skills whenever specified
  • 具有优秀的英语书面表达能力 以及任何指定的特殊语言技能
  • Dynamic and proactive
  • 性格活泼积极
  • Proven ability to work in multicultural virtual environment and lead / coordinate activities for offices located throughout the world
  • 能够在多元文化的虚拟环境中工作 领导 / 协调世界各地办事处的活动
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • 良好的人际交往能力
  • Excellent team player
  • 优秀的团队合作精神
  • Methodical approach to work
  • 有条不紊的工作方法
  • Can work with minimum supervision
  • 能在最低限度的监督下工作
  • Conduct root cause analysis (provide solutions / options)
  • 进行根本原因分析(提供解决方案 / 选项)
  • Excellent sense of urgency
  • 高度的紧迫感
  • Flexible approach to work
  • 灵活的工作方法
  • Excellent administration skills
  • 优秀的管理技能
  • 优选任职资格

  • Collegiate studies in engineering beneficial
  • 在大学学习过工程方面的知识
  • Being multilingual in principal global languages (i.e., English, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.) may be beneficial
  • 会多国语言(如英语 西班牙语 法语 日语等)
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