Guest Relations Manager
Yinchuan, China

Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan is superbly located in Yinchuan, the capital of the Western Xia Empire. Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan brings the traditional taste of luxury to this remarkable city as the first and only five-

star international brand in Yinchuan, situated in the heart of the city’s central business district, Jinfeng District, and only a 30-

minute drive from Yinchuan Hedong Airport. The hotel is adjacent to the International Conference and Exhibition Centre and Museum of Ningxia and close to the Science and Technology Museum and the People’s Square.

Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan is ideal for both business and leisure travelers.

银川 一个存满生机活力的神奇地方

这里既有南国水乡的旖旎 又有的三倍边陲的壮丽 贺兰山山垂倒影壮美 东麓的果园和沙漠仅一线之隔 古老的黄河文明 神秘的西夏文化 浓郁的回乡风情 雄浑的大漠风光交相辉映,令人流连忘返

银川凯宾斯基饭店是银川首家国际欧式奢华饭店 位于市区行政中心的金凤区 距离河东机场仅30分钟的车程 酒店毗邻国际会展中心 宁夏博物馆 科技博物馆和人民广场

银川凯宾斯基饭店拥有409间欧式客房 其中有41间套房 是您商务及休闲之旅的理想之选 五个各具特色的中 西餐厅 邀您共享亚洲及国际美食 完善的会议宴会设施 12间大小各异 功能齐备的会议室和一间780 分隔的大宴会厅 是会展 活动和婚礼的不二选择 健身中心配备有最先进的健身器材 饭店室内游泳池以及市内国际豪华水疗中心呈现丰富多彩的娱乐活动


Assisting the Front Office Manager in leading and managing all sections of the Front Office Department. In order to ensure the highest standards of service in accordance with the policies, procedures and Kempinski Standards.

宾客服务经理要管理和领导前厅部所有分部 根据饭店规定和标准确保最高水准的服务.

They are also responsible for up selling rooms to maximize the room revenue. They are responsible for the smooth running of the hotel reception’s operations.

宾客服务经理也有责任保证房间受益最大化 他们是饭店前台正常运营的主要负责人

Key Responsibilities : 主要职责


  • Direct Front Office operation such as checking in, checking out and providing guest assistance whilst ensuring compliance with all front office policies, procedures, standards and focus on guest’s satisfaction and needs.
  • 负责前厅部的运营 比如办理入住 离店和提供协助客人的服务 同时遵守前厅部所有政策 标准并关注客人需求和满意度

  • Participate in the development, implementation and review of the policies, procedures, practices and standards as well as prepare yearly CAPEX 参与部门政策 程序 培训和标准的发展 制定和回顾,并准备年度资产预算
  • Select, train, develop, schedules and manage the performance of direct subordinates to ensure the efficient running of front office operations.
  • 选择 培养 发展 计划并管理直接下属的表现 确保前厅部的有效运转;
  • Maximize hotel revenue by controlling room inventory, group blocking, packages, up selling. 通过对房间数量的控制 促销和升级卖房使饭店利益最大化;
  • Maintain high visibility during peak period in order to ensure smooth running of operations, promote good public relations, take corrective actions and handle customers’ complaints to ensure their satisfaction.
  • 入住高峰期时保证饭店高效率的运营 提升公众关系 采区正确的行动处理客人投诉 来确保客人的满意度

  • Report on the hotel log book all guest complaints, relevant incidents and matters that need follow up the next day, to ensure consistency and guest satisfaction.
  • 在饭店交接本上记录所有客人的投诉 相关的事情及问题 并且记录明天要跟进的事项 确保客人的满意度

  • Greet VIP guests upon their arrival and escort them to their room. Establish good rapport and offer assistance for the duration of their stay.
  • 重要客人抵店时,欢迎客人并引领送至房间 并且在客人在住期间与他们建立良好的关系 为他们提供服务

  • Coordinate front office duties with various departments such as Executive Office, Housekeeping, Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Security to ensure that all guests are given friendly and caring service from their arrival until their departure according to Kempinski Standards in a safe and secure environment.
  • 协调前厅部职责与各部门如行政办公 管理 销售和市场营销 工程和安全 确保所有的客人都能得到友好和关爱的服务直到他们离开 根据饭店标准 在一个安全的环境

  • Identify training needs, plans training activities and oversee their implementation for all front office sections. Follows up to ensure compliance and efficiency of training activities.
  • 确定培训需求 计划培训活动并监督实施前厅部的部分 跟进以确保合规性和培训活动的效率

  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and manning guide and manage within budgetary guidelines. 协助年度预算的编制和人员在预算方针管理
  • Keep abreast of all emergency procedures, hotel promotions, product knowledge, VIP arrivals, upcoming events and brief direct subordinates accordingly so that all front office staff are able to answer guest requests and questions.
  • 了解所有的紧急程序 酒店促销 产品知识 贵宾的到来 即将发生的事件和简单的直接下属以使所有前厅部员工能够回答客人的要求和问题

  • Accomplish a set of administrative duties such as leading and attending meeting, writing reports and memos and other specific duties related to the job function.
  • 完成一组等领导和出席会议的行政职责 撰写报告 备忘录和其他工作职能相关的具体职责

    Additional responsibilities and tasks can be added at any time according to the needs of the business and of the hotel.额外的责任和任务 可以添加在任何时间根据业务需求和酒店

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