Assistant Dealer
source : Jobsite China

Job Description : Responsibilities :

1.Have good understanding and rich experience in trading of financial markets, contribute to the identification of market trend and new investment opportunities in order to enhance the steady returns of trading accounts.

2.Assist the chief and senior dealers in executing transactions in accordance with the risk control guidelines and procedures.

3.Have good skills in worksheet analysis and documentation management.

4.Record deals and make regular research for trading activities.

5.Able to execute transactions. Good communication skills in assisting the chief and senior dealers.

6.Be responsible for the broker’s back office work. Qualifications & Requirements : Qualifications :

1.Have professional knowledge in trading. Have good understanding in related laws and regulations. Have strong aspiration to be an excellent player in financial trading.

2.Have good analytic ability, can provide investment reports for hot topics and important events of financial markets.

3.Have good skills in using MetaTrader and other trading platforms. The experience in MetaTrader back office management will be an advantage.

4.Minimum of 2 years of trading experience in financial institutions.

5.Good skills in English. Minimum of Level 4 is required. Have positive attitude in lifetime study and team work.

6.Able to think analytically and solve problems. Able to communicate quickly and accurately. Benefits & Welfare : Salary : Negotiable.

Welfare : Beijing social insurance, public housing fund, elastic working, performance-valued salary, periodic physical examination, employee fitness, meal subsidies, holiday benefits.

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