Manufacturing Engineer
Xuzhou, JS, China

JOB PURPOSE : To support valve stream improvement by performing technical analysis of WHEX UF, S ub Assembly line manufacturing processes systems assembly line technical services of small and medium-sized excavators in 2 shift .

通过对轮挖掘机上车和分装制造过程系统进行技术分析 装配线技术服务工作 支持装配线中班价值流的改进

JOB DUTIES : This is a staff assignment that is involved in the maintenance and improvement of processes and systems used in the manufacture of product, job scope include :

工作职责 这是一项涉及产品制造过程和系统的维护和改进的任务 工作范围包括

Be responsible for the optimization of process flow, production capacity and logistics of Base Frame assembly area, Continuous improvement of production environment in terms of safety, quality, speed and cost, and support the implementation of 52 units production capacity

负责下车区域的工艺流程 生产能力及物流的优化 从安全 质量 速度 成本等方面对生产环境不断改进 支持52台产能的实施

Optimize the process flow and line logistics of UF, Sub assembly area, and improve the operation efficiency

优化上车和分装区域的工艺流程 线边物流 提高操作效率

Be responsible for the preparation of assembly operation instructions in this area, and provide on-site guidance, training and supervision to operators to ensure the implementation

负责该区域的装配作业指导书的制定 对操作工进行现场指导 培训及监督以确保实施

  • Be responsible for the optimization of tooling, tools and working position instruments in this area, make demand plan in time and supervise the whole process of the implementation of the plan;
  • determine the purchase plan of equipment, tooling and tools in this area with external suppliers

    负责该区域的工装 工具及工位器具的优化 及时做出需求计划并负责监督跟踪计划实施的全过程; 与外部供应商就该区域的设备 工装 工具的采购方案 进行确定

    Formulate control measures for the installation process of hydraulic joints, pipelines and cables to reduce the defect rate of key quality problems such as leakage and interference

    制定液压接头 管路及电缆的安装过程的控制措施 降低松漏和干涉等重点质量问题的缺陷率

    Implement engineering change notice, Access whether the capacity of the area is met initiate and implement all changes. Track and evaluate the effectiveness of changes to ensure the smooth assembly process

    执行工程变更通知 评估该区域的能力是否满足 发起并实施所有变更 跟踪评估变更的有效性 确保装配过程的顺利进行

    Do a good job of quality management in this area according to CQMS quality management system


  • Support the introduction of new products, complete the assembly preparation of the Base Frame assembly line : potential failure mode and consequence analysis and control plan, process optimization and assembly capacity analysis, assembly operation instructions, tool selection, tooling design and use tracking;
  • 支持新产品的引进 完成下车的装配准备工作 潜在失效模式和后果分析及控制计划 工艺流程优化和装配能力分析 装配作业指导书 需要的工具选择 工装设计及使用跟踪

    Work experience and skills :


    1.Bachelor degree or above, or equivalent

    具有本科及以上学历 或具有同等学历

  • 2.At least 3 years working experience in excavator hydraulic electrical design or assembly;
  • 3年以上具有挖掘机 / 轮挖液压电器设计或装配方面的工作经验

  • 3.Have certain learning ability; be familiar with engineering drawings; be familiar with Pro-E operation;
  • 具有一定的学习能力 熟悉工程图纸 熟悉Pro-E操作

    4.Good teamwork spirit; innovative spirit

    良好的团队合作精神 富有创新精神

  • 5.Good skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • 具有良好的英语听说读写能力


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