Sr. HR Partner
Tesla Motors
Beijing, Beijing

Responsibilities :

  • Advise, influence and guide all levels ofmanagement on the HR implications of business strategies and all aspects ofpeople-management and leadership
  • Lead and promote the company culture throughclose collaboration with the management team
  • Resolve employee relations issues through asystematic approach with clear documentation and follow through
  • Advice and counsel supervisors and managers ondiscipline and termination decisions
  • Help resolve legitimate employee concerns; bethe conduit between the employees and other services, such as Benefits andPayroll
  • Proactively assess employee pain points and,in consultation with management, develop workable solutions
  • Partner with leaders to reduce labor-relatedrisks
  • Anticipate the need for change and influencechange before a crisis or inflection point arrives.
  • Consciously strive to build networks ofsupport for change goals and objectives
  • Provide guidance on, and help conduct, theinvestigation of complaints and concerns that could result in legalramifications or organization exposure;
  • assess the severity, involveappropriate individuals and facilitate appropriate action based on establishedpractice.

  • Develop and manage communications regardingorganizational structure, employment-related news, and HR-related programs andpolicies.
  • Be responsible to develop and facilitate planson employee communication including employee talk, employee engagementactivities support.
  • Lead employee satisfaction survey follow ups.

  • Partner with Compensation on makingrecommendations for assigned groups on job creation / leveling for roles, reviewof relevant market data and subsequent communications / recommendations made tothe business unit.
  • Consult on proposed promotions, as well as help drive theannual focal review process

  • Provide talent analysis and recommendation forthe effective business update
  • Other Responsibilities : Perform other relatedduties as assigned, based on the business need
  • Skills & Experience :

  • At least 8+ year working experience including5 year HRBP experience from multinational companies. Demonstrates relevant HRexpertise (org design, perf, management development, comp, ER) OR demonstratesconsulting expertise
  • Bachelor degree and above.
  • Fluency in English. Skilled at MS officesoftware.
  • Be familiar with human resources professionalknowledge and labor law, HR policies, and regulations and skilled in internaland external communication.
  • Ability to establish strong workingrelationships in all levels of organizational structure, both local and field.
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills;attention to detail; outstanding multi-task management skills. Able toconsistently and positively contribute in a high-paced environment.
  • Ability to objectively mentor employees todeal with complex, difficult and emotional issues.
  • Self-management, self-motivated andresult-driven; Ability to prioritize work independently.
  • Strong commercial acumen.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills,with an emphasis on tact and diplomacy
  • Good interpersonal, teamwork andorganizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to keep informationconfidential and commitment to produce high quality work.
  • Client-service orientated with a strong focuson delivering exceptional customer service.
  • 资深人力资源业务伙伴主要职责

  • 向公司各管理层提供专业的人力资源指导和建议 包括但不限于 企业战略的人力资源支持 人员管理的各方面支持等
  • 通过与管理团队的紧密合作 领导和推动公司文化的建设
  • 通过系统性的支持和跟进方案 有效解决员工关系问题
  • 支持管理层制定纪律和提供员工劳动关系专业建议 如劳动关系终止
  • 通过协调员工和其他服务支持机构 如福利和薪资部门 等方法 帮员工解决问题
  • 积极沟通和评估员工的关注点 配合管理层做出切实可行的解决方案
  • 和管理层积极合作减少劳动法争议相关风险
  • 预见变革的必要性并在危机到来前影响变化 有意识地建立良好的信任关系和人脉 以支持企业变革或目标的变化
  • 在一些会导致法律纠纷或者组织结构等信息泄露的问题上 调查投诉和顾虑 提供指导意见并协助具体实施 评估事件的严重性 在既有的操作流程和规范下应用合适的解决方案
  • 制定和管理沟通规范和政策 包括组织结构 员工相关信息和HR相关的项目和政策等方面
  • 负责推动员工沟通计划 例如员工谈话 员工活动等 负责领导员工满意度调查的行动计划的制定
  • 针对新增职位和级别 通过审阅和参考相关市场数据 配合薪酬福利部门提供专业建议 为员工升职决策提供咨询建议 推动年度员工绩效评估
  • 为业务部门提供人才方面的数据分析以及以数据为基础的专业建议
  • 其他职责 根据业务发展需要 完成管理层指定的其他工作职位要求
  • 8年以上工作经验 其中5年以上人力资源伙伴工作经验 包括组织发展 员工关系 薪酬福利和人力资源项目管理和落实经验或专业人力资源咨询经验
  • 本科及以上学历
  • 流利的英文 熟练掌握办公软件
  • 熟悉人力资源专业知识和劳动法 了解国家人力资源政策 法律 法规 熟悉HR的规范 概念 做法和标准 并熟练应用于于内部和外部沟通中
  • 能够在各个级别组织架构中建立牢固的工作关系 包括本地和外地的部门
  • 具备优秀的计划和组织能力 注重细节的特质 出色的多任务处理能力 能够在快节奏的环境里持续积极贡献自己的力量
  • 能够客观的指导员工 能力处理复杂 艰难和情绪化的问题
  • 具备自我管理和驱动能力 注重结果 能够独立设定工作的优先次序
  • 具备强烈的商业敏感度
  • 具备杰出的口头和书面表达能力
  • 具有优秀的人际关系协调能力 团队精神和组织能力
  • 能够保持信息的机密性 专注于高质量完成工作
  • 具备强烈的客户服务意识 能够为业务部门提供优质的人力资源专业服务
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