Alibaba Cloud-FaaS Architect


Alibaba Cloud’s FaaS is an important asset of Alibaba Cloud’s next generation Heterogeneous Compute infrastructure and platform.

  • As a service providing compute acceleration, FaaS provides the necessary compute power for the Alibaba Group’s Heterogeneous Compute strategy;
  • surrounding Deep Learning Inference, Video / Audio Processing, Genomics, Financial Analysis and other emerging industry that require extra computing power, we are witnessing FaaS’s booming as the critical building block.

    Alibaba Cloud not only strives to offer FPGA’s acceleration capability, but also offer FPGA’s unique feature, the hard-ware re-

    programming capability. In the meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud is building a total cloud FPGA productivity work environment with first-

    class user experience. Also, to ensure IP partners are comfortable of offering their IP on the cloud, the security of an IP is of utmost critical requirement when designing the IP re-

    distribution mechanism. With these basic infrastructures in place, Alibaba Cloud will be building an IP marketplace, so the IP developer, solution provider, cloud platform and the IP consumer can be connected organically, which will facilitate the FPGA cloud computing era to come sooner.

    As an emerging compute service that’s quite different than the traditional ac-celerator, FaaS has to be designed differently when offered on the cloud.

    To fully embrace the cloud computing’s advantages : Security, Elasticity and Flexibility, a lot of challenges have to be tackled.

    It requires the out-of-box mindset, and you need to have deep FPGA experience and cross-domain industry knowledge, have very good understanding of the cloud computing, and has long-

    term vision for the industry and technical area. You will need to put unparalleled passion to the work to face the fierce and fast evolving competition in the cloud computing industry globally.

    As the architect of this critical service of Alibaba Cloud, you will be responsible for :

  • 1. Responsible for FaaS overall architecture design, product strategy; respon-sibilities include the full life cycle of a FPGA product from chip selection, board design, core shell logic, driver, BSP;
  • drive the definition of new product and introduce it into our cloud; optimizing the cost structure as well as ensure the full coverage of various application scenario and maintain the leadership in this area among our competitors.

    2. Drive the three-way collaboration between internal R&D team, FPGA chip vendor and board OEM / ODM; properly defined layered architecture, design and lead the team to implement FPGA core shell logic which meets Alibaba Cloud’s security isolation and generality requirement, expose consistent IP development interface hardware-

    wise and software-wise. Fully integrate the cloud computing, virtualization and FPGA design into one piece to serve the security and hardware re-programming purpose.

    3. Drive the R&D team to tackle various application scenarios (e.g. Inference of Machine Learning, Video / Audio Processing, IOT, Genomics etc.

    either self-development or collaborate with key IP partners to design and develop solution, performance optimization; for key solution you will drive the produtionize it and produce a product out of the matured solution.

    4. Lead and define the regulation and standard for full life cycle of FaaS R&D process, ensure the balance between fast product iteration and FaaS’ product stability.

    5. Responsible for defining the interface that FaaS product interacts with other cloud products and continue to improve such interfaces.

    Be responsible for creating first-class user experience for our IP developer, cloud productivity development tool user and IP consumer.

    6. Responsible for building highly secured IP distribution / re-distribution en-vironment that IP developer can trust, on top of this infrastructure carrying out wide collaboration between IP partners and expand the FPGA cloud ecosystem.

    Eventually build an Alibaba Cloud IP market place that fully empower the ecosystem.

    7. Be responsible for building an innovative R&D team, making breakthrough in product innovation, technical innovation as well as business model in-novation.


    1. Solid FPGA R&D experience covers the full cycle of a FPGA product, which includes the chip selection, board design, layout and manufacturing, core shell logic, driver, BSP and devops, IP development (RTL and high level language).

    Experience of individually leading a team that design and pro-ductionize a FPGA product is strongly preferred.

    2. Having solid experience of Intel X86 architecture is a must. R&D Experience of Heterogeneous Compute is a must and knowledge of how to offer FPGA service on the cloud is also a must, you need to have unique view of what challenges, security, devops etc.

    that FPGA public offering on the cloud need to tackle, have a long-term plan for how to better offer FPGA service on the cloud and the recognition of the bright future of FPGA on the cloud.

    3. Maintain the vigilant attention for the new development of FPGA’s applica-tion area, e.g. Big Data, AI, Intelligent City, IOT etc.

    background experi-ence in these areas are strongly preferred.

    4. Very good knowledge of Operating System as well CPU X86 system archi-tecture.

    5. Have experience of building systematic testing architecture for smoke test, regression test, unit test, integration test and performance test.

    6. Have unique insights of the direction of Heterogeneous Compute, on the top of cutting edge technical development. With international vision, can communicate orally or in-writing in English smoothly.

    7. Strong passion, recognize the IaaS / Iaas+ / PaaS as well as the FPGA industry as career path that you want to pursue.

    8. Minimum 10 years of experience, Master degree from accredited academic institute of relevant major.

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